Beautiful Siena, Italy

I am already planning my next Italy trip to the cities I didn’t get to visit. 🙂  This trip was one of the most beautiful road trip experiences.  I was so in love with the small streets and scooters that zoomed by, Siena was one of those lovely cities that made every storefront photogenic.


Maybe it’s the small business owners, the beautiful display, the smiling faces that welcome you in.



The beauty of the architecture…




It’s the bend in the buildings, people do so much walking here and yes there are tiny cars that resemble that of the mini BMW but few as scooters are preferred means of transportation.  I can live in a place like this and have very little to complain about.


I am definitely retiring in Italy….definitely 🙂  The wine prices are inexpensive considering the wine region surrounding Siena.   Did I mention you can sample wine without being charged?  It still happens… 😉


The art…..if you love art- Italy is a Country you must visit.


The Sculptures were so stunning




If there is one thing I do very well when I travel, it is taking pictures for I know one day my memory will fail me.




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