San Gimignano, Italy

“Escape is such a thankful word,” Emily Dickenson

One of my favorite parts about traveling is getting deep into the crevices of the little cities surrounded by locals.   I venture off, not just when traveling but when hiking too- “Oh look, a split off, it’s just another 2 miles.”  “Hmm…I wonder where this path will take me…”  I think experiences build insight, beauty, and culture, it swallows me up in an instant and all I can think is, “This is outside my bubble, and to think I just needed a plane to get me here.”  I mapped out the small towns people raved about in traveling books but I can even explain in words the feeling I got going into San Gimignano.  It is just like in the fairy tale movies, the knight’s men charging their way through steel doors and stone surrounded city.  Small shops letting you taste wine and get this….for FREE.  After turning down small side streets we stumble into this little charcuterie that served up an amazing lunch.




The owner took great pride in his shop, as I sat and watched him shave off some fresh meats, Cheeses with truffles and honey and to finish it off with wine from one of the local vineyards.  We purchased this fantastic honey and truffle jar it paired so nicely with everything we consumed. Although after bringing our luggage home from the airport the smell of the truffles in that tiny little jar was so overpowering I thought it brook in the bag.



I think one of the beauty’s about Italy are these small streets, no cars just these beautiful buildings and carved streets, I get the painters perception.  I get it now.










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