Turkey Burger with Miso Green Cabbage Slaw

I am constantly changing up the recipes you see here and I really loved today’s take on my Turkey Burger recipe.  As I was strolling through Trader Joe’s, I came across their green cabbage slaw and it is a healthy alternative to the eggplant I normally put on top. I also wanted a miso dressing, so I used mild yellow miso paste and mixed 1 huge spoon worth with about 1 cup of water and used 2 Tablespoons of honey with truffles and 1 tsp of Olive oil infused with lemon juice. I also roasted, chopped and added 1 Jalapeno to the slaw mix.  I only used 2 tsp worth of dressing to the slaw mix and tasted it several times to see that I like the amount added.  All items can be found at Trader Joe’s, I got the miso paste at Lassen’s they have a good variety to choose from.  I used a thin Multigrain bread, layered it with slow cooked sweet onions, avocado slices topped with patty and topped with slaw.   This would also make a great lettuce wrap- no carb option.

Click on Turkey Burger for the link to the recipe of the burger, also this time around I didn’t add bread crumbs to my burger it was delicious with all that was going on in it. :))



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