Red Wine Meat Sauce Lasagna

I decided to go for something Italian 🙂 so no it isn’t healthy but it is darn good. I found a recipe I wanted to follow but I changed most of the ingredients- but this one seems really good with all the amazing reviews so if you want the exact recipe click on  All Recipes ….

Middle Eastern Salad with Garbanzo and Black Beans

There’s this Middle Eastern salad I love from Trader Joe’s- I decided to just add all the ingredients it says it has on the side of the carton- it is so tasty and now I have my own to indulge in.  I used Lemon Flavored Olive Oil mixed with Scilian Selezione Olive Oil.  1/4 cup…

Lemon Strawberry Bread Pudding

I made such a tasty lemony dessert for my Mom for Mother’s Day and it all happened by accident actually.  I found a recipe to make a lemon pudding bundt cake on The Kitchen Maggie Blog and I had mini bundt pan’s I was going to use- after I greased the living day lights out of…

Beer Battered Crispy Salmon Fish Tacos

I’ve never cooked Salmon in batter before,  it is so delicious in my beer (Lager) batter.  I found this awesome recipe from food blogger Foodness Gracious.  The avocado Cream Sauce is very tasty too.  The only addition I did was drizzle some Sriracha Powder on top the fish after it’s cooked with green cabbage and sauce….