The sun painted shadow pictures on the tall buildings, the yellow sun fading fast. I stood there taking it all in….the afternoon summer breeze, the man with his cigar as store vendor neighbors greeted each other like they would their family.   I stood on the corner waiting for the zooming scooters to pass.  The constant honking of small scooters, everyone moving so quickly, the beautiful Italian language as groups walked in laughter so deep in their conversations they don’t even notice those walking around them.

It was over a year ago since I roamed this beautiful Country, one of the cities I visited was Lucca,  we rented bikes and took a little adventure on this gorgeous path.  Most people are on bikes here which made it really fun.  We made stops for Gelato at least 3 times a day, it was on every corner!






I want to move to a place that has cobblestone streets.  I want to leave my house every day and walk down narrow streets just big enough for a mini or scooter and people.  I don’t want my last days to be in a city filled with giant cars and red lights everywhere.  Can I retire now?  May I move to a place where I can walk up to a counter order a cappuccino chat with friends for a quick lunch at a coffee bar?  I love the architectural beauty of Italy.






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