Miso Salmon- Cheesecake Factory Style… ;)

I found a recipe that is very close to that of the Miso Salmon at Cheesecake Factory.  It is a sweet tasty piece of salmon sitting on a bed of rice with the most crazy white sauce under it that I always ask for extra since they like to hope I don’t notice it’s there….

Banana-Mango Smoothie

Oh my goodness I made the most amazing fruit drink!  I have to do this post quickly before I forget what I did to make this. 2 Really Big Spoons of Greek Yogurt 1 Over Ripe Mango (squishy) 1/4 Cup %  Milk 1 Banana Blend and top with some ice cubes to keep it cold….

Portillo Malbec 2010 Salentein Wine from Argentina

I like to make quick posts about excellent wines that I try.  This helps me when I”m out and about looking for a great wine with dinner and all I have to do is a search on my site and find all my favorites. Portillo Malbec 2010 Salentein from Argentina is a nice full bodied…