Beautiful Pisa, Italy

I love small cities, I remember walking down the small narrow streets of Pisa in the early morning as store owners were out opening their shops and speaking in their Italian language across the way to each other.  Morning greetings I assume, these adorable little tables situated outside their shop.  There is so much love put into these small businesses, they decorate them so lovely, you can see they put their hearts into what they do. The leaning tower was beautiful along with the grounds surrounding this structure. You don’t feel the lean until you get mid-way up the climb of these small steps. It is a complete circular climb that can make you dizzy if you are going to fast.  Once at the top- the views are beautiful.










I loved how you can walk down these small alley-ways and find these restaurants- it’s almost like a maze going through the city.  I could live in this city, I could definitely retire here. :))


If you want to see some of the most amazing food we had during our trip- visit my yelp page. :))




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