Tuscany, Italy

I think one of the most memorable parts of my Italy trip was our stay in Tuscany. After throwing up for 3 hours while staying in Florence at 3am and almost getting my phone stolen from a thief on the Subway I was in a much better place while sitting back in the car and taking in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany. Not to say Florence was bad, it wasn’t I had an amazing food experience there, but I also had these things happen as they can anywhere.

We stayed in this little village on the outskirts of Tuscany. There was nothing for miles but vineyards and homes, I found this awesome Airbnb out in the middle of Vineyards. It’s funny because when looking for places to stay I didn’t want to stay with the Tourists, I wanted to be with the locals but you also have to be cautious that you select an area that isn’t dangerous.  So I was weary about it being so far from everything and it turned out to be the most amazing of all our Airbnb stays. Our little apartment overlooked the vineyards with this beautiful window that opened up with the most amazing views.  It was like looking into a painting.


This picture doesn’t even look real but this was our view from the kitchen.


We met the most amazing Airbnb Hosts ever, they made us lunch, with dessert and wines and finished with espresso.  I took videos but for some reason I’m having issues uploading them.


They gave us 4 of their vineyard wines to take home with us.




We had the most amazing 2 1/2 weeks in Europe.  I have some pretty cool Venice, Pisa, Siena, Milan, Lucca, San Giggiamano pics to share on my next write up. 🙂




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