Rome, Italy

We took a 2 1/2 week vacation to Italy and Paris and I”m already reminiscing the little details that made each place we visited so beautiful. We started our journey with an 11 hour plane flight to Paris, we were only there for a day before catching a flight out the next day to Rome.  So I will get back to Paris and began this post with our adventure in Rome.  The first thing at the top of my List to see was The Vatican and within it  Saint Petersburg Bascillica and Sistine Chapel.  I can’t say words nor pictures can capture the history or beauty of such a place.  I have never seen anything more beautiful in my life, the art is astounding, Michael Angelo’s work, the detail in the sculptures, the mosaics all over the cathedral.  I didn’t know but the Vatican is separate from Italy, they have their own passports.  IMG_7672


Our tour guide told us, a crazy person came through here with a hammer and broke Mary’s face shouting, “Mary is not Jesus’s mother.”  I don’t have words for why someone would think it’s okay to destroy a piece of history for their beliefs.  They restored this statue but it is now behind glass to protect it.  In fact, there is tight security getting into The Vatican, you must go through a check-point just like at the airports.



They won’t let you photograph or Video Tape inside the Sistine Chapel, though many did try they have tight security shouting for people to stop.  Also to be quiet in every language.  Pictures can’t capture, this is something you must see in person.  I took so many pictures at Saint Petersburg Bascillica that I might share in another post, I wanted to post a family picture we took at the Colosseum.  IMG_9271

I love the cobblestone streets, walking pass cafes that smell of pasta, I had Gnocchi 5 different ways and pizza that you must use a fork and knife with.  There is a Gelato on every corner- Gelato is Itlay’s version of our Starbucks.  It is everywhere.  The flavors are amazing too.



We visited several areas in Italy that I will share in another post.

This was the view from our Airbnb in Rome…




The Pantheon, you must cover your shoulders and legs to enter.  Dress appropriately.






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