When it rains I think of bakeries, hot Mochas, and favorite books. As I drove down the 101fwy in heavy rain I could smell fresh baked goods.  The first thing I do when I get home is open up my baking books.  My first attempt at this recipe was awful.  I had to find another book and give it a 2nd go.  These came out so good with a soft buttery cake texture with crispy edges.  I dusted them with powdered sugar and drizzled a warmed up jar of Trader’s Joe’s Wild Blueberry Preserves.  You can find the recipe in the Baking Cook Book by Dorie Greenspan.  There is a section of the recipe she says to mix with your fingers the sugar and lemon juice, I decided to give my Kumquats that are growing crazy on my tree right now a go in replacement.  I love the hint of orange in these, it is prominent and I say give it a try instead of lemons.




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