Shakshuka, A Traditional Baked Egg Dish-

Sometimes I lose track of time and so it seems with this website. 🙂   I use to be on the internet too much, on Facebook every day and other sites, I wasted my time and energy just being out there.  The minute I decided to start putting away my laptop the more I started doing other things, taking more pictures, doing more gardening stuff, being more productive with my time.  So not only do I not spend time on the computer anymore but I don’t even watch TV, other than TOP Chef which is not always on.

The other day I ran out of ideas for dinner, so my man sends me this recipe and I’m thinking, “ummm……maybe I should look up something new, but then decided to be open-minded and give this recipe he sent me a try.  I’m so glad I did I never expected the result to be this fantastic.  It is an egg dish for dinner, made with roasted tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, jalapenos and egg topped with feta.  It tasted like Lasagna, I know that sounds so far off but it really did. The creamy egg yolk over those roasted tomatoes and spiciness of the jalapeno’s baked in the oven, so delicious.

Besides not being on the internet I suppose there is no better way to waste time than to find an amazing author to steal my attention away.  How do these authors put a story together so beautifully? I thought maybe if I write more on here it will help me structure the writing I would like to do someday.  I most likely won’t post for awhile I enjoy not being on the internet and I think a book and pen out in the sun under an Oak Tree is a great place to write too.  For the few eyes that do catch this post, try this recipe it doesn’t sound or even look all that appealing but it is amazing, the feta is the star of this recipe.

I found this recipe in




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