Salmon with Quinoa Spinach, Mushrooms and Eggplant


I wanted to play with my veggies and I haven’t made Quinoa in a while so I decided to throw it all together.  I first slow cooked half of a sweet onion in 1 tsp EVO until yellow with crisp edges than added in couple handfuls of chopped mushrooms.  Once that cooked out it’s liquid I put it aside in a bowl.  I than cooked up 1/2 cup of Quinoa in Chicken Broth just enough to cover all the Quinoa and added 1/4 cup water.  As that cooked I finely chopped up my baby Spinach and added that to the Quinoa- gave it a few good stir’s and let the Spinach cook through- once the pan is dry of fluid I added back the onion and mushroom mixture- toss in some toasted pine nuts and drizzled the top with Walnut oil.  In addition I roasted half of a large Eggplant in the oven in EVO- once that cooked down through- which takes about 10 minutes under the broiler with a few stirs with the spoon so it cooks evenly.   I added the diced eggplant to my dish.  It’s very tasty!

For a quick Salmon put together-  just added a couple TBS of Oyster Sauce, 1 tsp of Seasame Oil and Rice Vinegar whisk.  Put Salmon in a pan of 1 TB of EVO cook to your desire doneness- once you flip it over- ADD the sauce to the top cooked version.  You don’t want to get this stuff in your pan- it will ruin the nonstick pans- dive a knife in it in and check that it still has a nice dark pink center for a juicy salmon once it looses color in the inside you will end up with a dry salmon piece.



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