Pecan Hummus in Pistachio Oil

After reading up on different Hummus recipes online it helped give me an idea how to make it work except with the ingredients I want to use.  After making all those garbanzo beans from scratch last week I had lots of them just sitting in my frig- and sure now I”m seeing all these posts everywhere about garbanzo bean salads- nothing new.  So I decided to make hummus out of that recipe.   It is fantastic! and way more healthy than those recipes out there.


I blended my cooked garbanzo beans about 3-4 cups worth (see recipe for making your own garbanzo beans.)

I added 1 cup of Toasted Pecans

1/4 cup of Pistachio Oil

1/4 cup water-

Nothing else….this is perfect.  I didn’t add any seasoning – if you make your own you will have already have the perfect amount of garbanzo bean seasoning as they are marinaded in cooked long strips of sweet onion and bay leaves in the frig.   This is my own made up recipe enjoy!


nutty hummus



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