Deb’s Apple, Jicama, Pear, Avocado, Kale/Broccali and Sunflower seed salad.

I just made myself a really delicious salad from all the little finds in my frig. I”m actually posting it here so I won’t forget what I did and can come back here to look it up.  It is just a little bit of all the ingredients I”m about to mention to balance it out- just a handful of sliced Kale, Broccali Slaw, Jicama, Pear, dried cherries and raisins and toasted sunflower seeds- I put half of an avocado- maybe even a little bit more to make it have a nice creaminess so I would only need about 2 tsp worth of a dressing. I used some packet creamy slaw dressing in it.  You can eat it without dressing there is so much flavor in it like this.



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