Shrimp with Gnocchi, Asparagus in garlic, basil Pesto

Sometimes I just pick up a protein for the day and rummage through my refrigerator to create something.  After pulling out a bundle of Asparagus  and staring down my large raw shrimp I did a quick search to find a tasty recipe but I changed it- I like the idea of Gnocchi with shrimp and asparagus but the sauce sounded unappealing so I reinvented it.  I boiled the gnocchi but than decided to cook the shrimp in Lemon flavored olive oil, the thought of boiled shrimp didn’t sound good to me.  After just slightly pink I added them to the bowl with the gnocchi and toasted up a handful of pine nuts and added them whole. I cut up some fresh basil from my plant and roughly chopped it up and added it along with 1 huge spoon of basil, garlic pesto and tossed it all around in the bowl and topped with some freshly grated parmesean cheese.  I roasted some asparagus in olive oil and there the quickest yet amazing flavored meal ever. 😉  The shrimp and gnocchi take less than 5 minutes to cook- anything over that and you will have gummy gnocchi or tough shrimp.  I got inspired by My Recipes take on this dish, I cooked it differently and used a different sauce base.   Kids loved this one :))  The ingredients in the recipe I think is to make your own pesto but there’s a certain creaminess to the pesto I get from Italian delis that I prefer over these quickly made ones.



shrimp food.jpg





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