Shrimp Israeli Couscous

I created a dish that is bomb! I think after playing around with spices for so long I just had to incorporate what I have been doing for so many years into my own ideas.  Buy some Jumbo Shrimp- marinate it in 1 tsp lime juice, 1 Tsp Chili Powder, 1 Tsp Turmeric and Garlic.   As that Marinates, Saute Pearl Onions or Shallots in a pan in Ghee, once browned slightly add in your Israeli Couscous and let that brown and  drizzle in Cinnamon powder, add in a bay leaf let that cook for about a minute than add in 1/4 cup Beef Broth (this is all I had which is why I came to this amount) and 1 cup water.  This is tasty with this amount.  Chop up 3 double handfuls of Spinach and toss in.  Let that cook through until liquid has dissolved.  Once done cooking add in toasted Pine Nuts- this makes all the difference when it’s toasted.  Finely chop up Asiago Cheese. Chop Avocado half.  Cook your shrimp in Ghee 2 tsps worth- on high- you want to brown your shrimp but not overcook the inside.  Plate your Couscous, top with just a sprinkle of Asiago Cheese add on the side your avocado top with pine nuts and Shrimp.  :))

Do not use regular couscous the texture of Israeli Couscous for one is much better.

This little picture is really sad….please click on it  🙂



Jumbo Shrimp

Israeli Couscous



Pearl Onions

Asiago Cheese

Cinnamon Powder

Bay Leaf


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