Spicy Salmon Salad with Jicama and Avocado

I made a Salmon Salad with left over salmon from earlier this week and it came out really tasty.  I added to my salad- half of a chopped Avocado, slices of Jicama, Spinach/Greens mix, tsp’s worth of crumbled Caramalized Onion Cheese. For the dressing I marinated 3 Jalapeno slices with the seeds finely chopped in some EVO and Balsamic Vin and used that for the dressing. Came out really good!

Salmon Salad


Left over Salmon Pieces

Prechopped Jicama Slices

3 Slices of Jalapeno- marinated in Olive Oil and Balsamic Vin- few dashes

Spinach and Greens mix-

Half of an Avocado cubed

Since this is my own creation I can’t give this a calorie count because I don’t know….but it is definitely healthy 😉


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