Beet and Avocado Slaw Salad- :))

I made my own little salad creation with stuff I wanted to get rid of from my frig. It came out really good a definite keeper. 🙂  It’s been so hot out and I crave veggies of all kinds when the weather gets like this.  It is refreshing and makes for a perfect side to any main dish if not the main dish itself. :))  I get to name this salad since I created it, so cool. :))

My salad


Pkg of Slaw Mix- I put 1/3 of it back in frig.

2 shaved carrots

4-5 diced Beets

1 Avocado

handful of slivered Almonds

1 Tbsp EVO

`1 Tbsp Champagne Vinegar

Salt and pepper

Toss all ingredients in mix 1 Tb spoon of EVO, Champagne Vinegar, Salt and Pepper and add.


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