Honeyed Fig and Goat Cheese Tart

All of my favorite food magazines and restaurants has posted recipes of some kind with figs and goat cheese in the last week, so I had to try it and see what all the hype is about.  Goat cheese and fig go together like peanut butter and chocolate.  Drizzled in honey is the most amazing sweetness to this tasty dessert? Appetizer? What do we call this?  It goes so good with a Malbec wine too. :))   My latest edition of Fine Cooking magazine’s Honeyed fig and goat cheese tart recipe is so good! I substituted slivered almonds for the rosemary. I also cut the puff pastries sheets in small squares so they were much smaller- less calories and I didn’t dust it in flour. I used guava honey I purchased while I was in Hawaii off a coffee plantation :))  This I will make again until the season takes the fresh figs away. 😉



  • Unbleached all-purpose flour, for dusting
  • 1 sheet (half of a 17.3-oz. package) frozen puff pastry, thawed overnight in the refrigerator
  • 4 oz. fresh goat cheese, softened
  • 1/4 cup honey (preferably dark)
  • 8 ripe, fresh figs (6 if large), preferably 4 black and 4 green, stemmed and quartered lengthwise
  • 1/2 tsp. finely chopped fresh rosemary
  • Kosher salt

Position a rack in the center of the oven and heat the oven to 475°F.

Lightly dust a sheet of parchment with flour. Unfold the pastry, place on top of the parchment, and lightly dust with flour. Roll out the pastry to a 10-inch square. Prick all over with a fork at 1/2-inch intervals. Make a 3/4-inch border on all sides by pressing the edge of a ruler into the pastry to mark it. Fold the pastry over at the markings to make a double-thick rim. Transfer the pastry on the parchment to a rimmed baking sheet. (The pastry can be prepared up to this point a few hours ahead and kept in the refrigerator.) Bake until the center is golden-brown and puffed, about 8 minutes.

Meanwhile, combine the goat cheese and 2 Tbs. of the honey in a medium bowl. Spread the cheese mixture inside the border of the puff pastry. Arrange the figs on the cheese, alternating colors if you like. Sprinkle with the rosemary and 1/8 tsp. salt. Bake until the rim of the pastry is golden-brown, about 7 minutes.

Drizzle with the remaining 2 Tbs. honey and cool for about 15 minutes before slicing and serving.

nutrition information (per serving):
Calories (kcal): 280; Fat (g): fat g 15; Fat Calories (kcal): 130; Saturated Fat (g): sat fat g 4; Protein (g): protein g 5; Monounsaturated Fat (g): 3.5; Carbohydrates (g): carbs g 33; Polyunsaturated Fat (g): 7; Sodium (mg): sodium mg 150; Fiber (g): fiber g 2;



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