Ginger Chili Fish Fry

I kind of figure it out in my head the dishes I’m going to make that didn’t hit the rotation last week. I woke up this morning changing my mind on the dish I wanted to make, that for me is a sign to try something new. I browsed my Pinterest Recipes To Try board in search of this recipe I’ve been wanting to try by Bam’s Kitchen, it is a healthy white fish with Bok Choy.  I got myself some nice thick Cod Fillets and the only two pieces of Bok Choy the store had. I don’t live in an area that carries a good selection of this veggie. I definitely need an Asian influence in my area.   I’m new to cooking with Bok Choy and I have already made an error cooking it, I put it in before the carrots so it cooked more than it should.  This recipe however is fantastic- simple ingredients I always have in my pantry.  I added some sweet peas to my recipe- I just love the flavor these peas give off and I would continue to add them in future makings of this dish.  It cooks up in half hour and I made some white rice along side and diced up avocado .   I also roasted some pepper from my yard to put on top for a nice spicy kick.

Cod Fish recipe



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