Sweet Potato Cod Chowder!

I picked up some Cod in Costco since I never see it and decided to make a Cod Chowder on this cool weather day. :))  I have a Cod Chowder recipe already on my food blog but I wanted to change it up a bit.  I don’t have the Clam Juice or Potato’s that it calls for so I did some substitutions.  I sauteed yellow sweet onion in 2 TB butter along with a jalapeno and left a few seeds to give it some spice.   Than I added two handfuls of chopped mushrooms and some dashes of dried Thyme, bay leaf, smoked paprika, black pepper and salt.  I diced up 1 Large Sweet Potato and added it in, than pour in chicken broth about 1/2 cup and enough water to cover tops of potato’s.  I covered it and let that cook on low heat.  I stirred that up and once the sweet potato’s began to fall apart easily I added in my 1 inch diced Cod 2 pieces.  I covered it up and let that simmer some more. Once cooked through I turned off heat and added in about 1/2 cup heavy cream- add more for thickness.  When I stirred it up the sweet potato broke apart and it gave the soup a nice orange color to it.  This is so delicious!  It has a subtle spiciness to it and would go perfect with some toasted sour dough. :))

Enjoy!  Not the loveliest picture of it but soups and chowders are the most difficult to photograph. ;p

cod soup


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  1. Nice! Using sweet potato to replace the regular potato is a great idea. Have to give this a try soon!

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