Bestia…..My Favorite Restaurant :))

I love to cook it’s my creative side that loves playing with food ideas. I cook way more than I eat out for health reasons and my love for cooking.   So much of my inspiration comes from Chef’s  I love the creativity Chef’s put into their food.  The way I see it, If I wanted something plain I can make it at home myself.  Also, fresh ingredients is what keeps me going back to certain places or the fact they change it up every once in a while. I”m rambling something I don’t normally do in a blog post but I don’t think enough of our time and energy is spent appreciating the good things in life, we criticize more than we can actually give a compliment on something and this post will be devoted to one of my favorite restaurants and where I choose to spend my birthday.  Bestia is by far one of the most flawless restaurants I’ve ever seen, I”m very perceptive and I live to eat food that I would love to cook like.  I’ve only been to this restaurant twice because for one it’s expensive and it’s in Los Angeles but it is by far the best restaurant I’ve ever eaten at.  I follow this awesome couple that comes up with these fantastic dishes on Instagram and I think it’s really beautiful when he displays their latest creations and how they work them into their menus.  His menu is based on seasonal ingredients so it changes with the seasons with the fan favorites keeping a special place on that menu.  The guy has heart and passion and it shows so much in his cooking.  I’ve had several dishes and not one disappointed- each dish has it’s own flavor that fit so perfectly with the main ingredient.  This guy’s palate is insane- and his wife’s dessert entrees are amazing.  The drinks are perfect from the “Beam Me Up Scotty” to the Grenache wine that pairs so lovely with all of the pasta dishes.  So here are some pictures of some incredible dishes you will find at this restaurant and I have more on my yelp review if you want to see all of the different creations this genius Chef comes up with.


Poached Lobster in butter with Spinach, mushrooms- a nice crunch to it and edible flowers.


Foie Gras so creamy and that freshly baked bread and that sauce on the plate was sweet and perfect combination all of it complimented each other on that plate.


Bucatini with sausage meat topped with burrata cheese- a really nice spiciness to this dish.


Pici- perfectly cooked lamb in a nice sauce with freshly made pasta.


“Beam Me Up Scotty”-  wow- just an amazing drink with scotch


Chocolate Caramel Sea Salted Tart drizzled in a tasty oil.  This was so light  with perfect dark chocolate notes and the crust flaked in freshness in my mouth.

This is an amazing place and I can’t say it enough on how much my love for food grows when I find a restaurant with so much passion in their cooking.  You can taste it :))

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