Thai Sweet Chili Sauce Salmon with Crispy Vegies

So I’ve been wanting to use this Thai sauce for awhile now and I decided to do a search for it with Salmon.  This is so flavorful and sweet, add some crushed pepper to the mix and it works perfectly!  It’s a simple 3 ingredient process and done in minutes.  3 Tbls Soy Sauce, 6 Tbls Thai Sauce and I used Ginger Garlic paste.  I did it a little different from food blogger Once Upon a Chef, by marinating the fish in the paste for 20 mins than adding the mixture to it-I also added crushed pepper to give it a little kick.  I’ve made a version similar to this before but I like this one better with the ginger garlic paste vs. chunks of garlic.

For the Veggies I just finely chopped Handful of Brocaali, Califlower and Corn and sauted that in one drink amount of water 2 Tblspoons of 100 % Spanish Olive Oil and 2 Tbls toasted Seasame Oil.   and allow the veggies to cook to a crisp- (allowing browning to take place) almost like you’re burning it- this allows the oils to pull so much flavor into the veggie.


thai salmon


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