Turkey Lettuce Wrap Sliders with Broiled Zucchini Sticks topped with freshly grated Parm

For those of you looking for some healthy changes to your dinners, here’s a creative yet tasty food idea.

Saute in cooking spray- half of a sweet onion and half of cartoon of mushrooms- both finely chopped.  Once that has softened set aside and add to the bowl ground turkey, a few dashes of Soy Sauce, Few dashes of Worcestershire sauce,  Couple dashes of Red Pepper Flakes and 1 Tbls of Sautee’d garlic which you can just toss in the pan for less than a min.  Mix all ingredients  and let it sit to marinate.  In a small bowl combine 2 Tbls low Fat mayo with Sirracha Sauce, depending on how spicy you like it- I added 2 Tbls for medium.  slice in half two Ramaine Lettuce leaves.   Grill your turkey burgers in a grill pan or nonstick pan using cooking spray.   Once done to your likeness cut the patty in half and put one slice in a lettuce and top with mayo sauce and the remaining lettuce piece and do the same with the other turkey slice.

For the Zucchini I just sliced them and rubbed them down in Spanish Olive Oil and drizzled Sea Salt. Broil until soft and top with Freshly grated Parm. 🙂

This recipe serves 4

lettuce wrap


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