Spicy and Sweet Salmon with veggies

I have grown tired of my weekly Salmon recipes so I made my own version of a spicy yet sweet salmon dish.  This came out really good, but next time when I make it I will broil the top of the salmon to a crisp.

spicy salmon


2 Tsps of (Indian Chilli Powder)  This will give it some heat unlike other chili powders

1 tsp of Cumin Powder

2 tsps of Brown Sugar


Teriyaki Sace for glazing

Mix this and rub down your salmon fillets in it.  Few dashes of garlic salt on top.  Spray your baking pan with Coconut Cooking spray (you can find this at Trader Joe’s.)   Bake Salmon for 3 minutes at 300, than pull your oven open and brush your salmon with Teriyaki Sauce (just a tab bit is needed on each fillet)  Than place under Broiler on High until crisp. (3-5 minutes)  It’s hard not to overcook salmon when it’s under a broiler and you can really mess up the taste of you do.  Salmon taste best when it is dark pink inside, run a sharp knife through it and push back on it to make sure it’s ready before you over cook it, a pretty dark pink center and light edges will mean it will have retained it’s juiciness and flakes easily and that’s what you want.  Light pink to almost white….it’s overcooked and it will be dry tasting.

For the veggies I bought jar grilled bell peppers- slice those up- slice up a small sweet yellow onion- and a couple of handfuls of baby spinach.  Using grill pan saute this with the pan coated in Coconut Cooking spray.

Fantastic- quick and healthy meal ready in less than 30 minutes.

🙂  Enjoy!


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