Scallops with Spinach and Marsala Wine Risotto

So….I have a bag of scallops in the freezer staring me down every time I open the freezer as of late.  The only image coming to mind is Scallops in Risotto from “Blue Stove” located in Nordstroms.  So, I searched the net for something along the same lines and came across “The Crabby Cook,” the recipe looked promising and it was, I used Marsala wine in this dish and I added a little Spinach for some veggies and said no to the parsley option in this recipe, I also used grated Parmesan cheese .  This is such a  filling dish, I”m not use to eating rice type dishes but Risotto is beyond rice it is a rich creamy layer of goodness….haha.   So full of calories too…unless you find the recipe through Cooking Light which cuts calories in so many ways, but it also cuts out the creaminess that belongs in Risotto.  Anyhow….for a hot day I don’t recommend making Risotto- lesson learned.  Hours over a hot stove making that Risotto perfect is unjust.  I loved the caramelized onion in this Risotto recipe as well as the Marsala Wine it gave it nice flavor.  Want to take a stab at my other attempts at Risotto?  Bacon and Wild Mushroom and Baby Spinach Risotto, Lobster Risotto and Seafood Risotto.


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