For The Love Of Umami Burger

My favorite burger place “Umami Burger” has opened it’s doors in Thousand Oaks, I can’t be more excited to not have to drive to LA anymore for it.  Although driving to LA has it’s perks, I could spend all day looking for cute little coffee shops or cupcakeries with a nice unique charm about them.  Shouldn’t that be the reason most places open it’s doors?  Everyone wants to visit a place that has a little twist to make it stand out…right?   This is what makes Umami Burger very special too me.  Chef Adam Fleischman takes these burgers to a whole new level, the idea of making something different to stand out from it’s competition is what makes a business succeed.   Everything is good- I do mean everything on that menu right down to a cheesy tator tot and you have to really think about that, how can a tator tot be different? Creamy cheese is hidden in there.  I love it when places hide stuff that is so simple yet incredibly tasty in my food.  My latest burger discovery by this incredible chef  is the “Korean Galbi Burger”-oh and there’s kimchi hidden in there. If the picture doesn’t make your mouth drool than maybe your just not ready for Umami.  If your a foodie, take the plunge!

The Beet Salad is perfectly made with the right amount of dressing and condiments that compliment each other. 🙂

Cheesy Tots….I mean to say….big plump creamy cheese tots with a nice crunchiness to the outside.

This is what brought me back to this place time and time again….”The Truffle Burger” It is sweet, salty and medium rare.   It took me awhile to get away from this burger to venture onto the rest of their menu but I’m glad I did because now the Korean Galbi burger has taken 1st place in my heart. 🙂


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