Quinoa Salad with Blueberries, Strawberries and Watermelon


I love berry season….the ideas on what to use them for are limitless.   Biting into a nice hard tasty blueberry reminds me how close we are to summer. Maybe I’m just over the teasing that Spring likes to do to us Southern California residents with a nice warm 90 degree day one day and a really cold rainy day the next.  Stop it already, I’m done with you Spring!  I just  like the way Summer heats me up…..  😉

I found this fantastic recipe from food blogger Gluten Free Goddess, found it through Pinterest. I made some slight changes to it, I used Baby Arugula for my greens and I drizzled the top of this salad with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Honey to off set the taste of the arugula as the taste of this green is strong for me.  Now Quinoa is incredibly good for you loaded with nutrients click on the link to see its nutritional value and I’ve been trying to find ways to work this very bland tasting grain in my diet.  This recipe adds flavor and depth to this grain.  It’s the perfect snack or light Brunch idea.

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