Barcelona, Spain- Part 2

This is part 2 of our Barcelona, Spain trip  and I’ve got more to cover on Antoni Gaudi a magnificent architectural modernist with the most unique creations that is astounding as well as a trip to the Marcat which is a version of what we call here in America “Farmer’s Market” just 3 times better than what we got to offer.  Fresh Fish, Meats, Fruits, Chocolates, Nuts, Candies, Fruit Juices….just a great place to stock up on the goods for a great home cooked meal.  🙂  I really wish we had this at home and only my pictures can tell you what great stuff they carry.  Beautiful City and so much to photograph that I literally started walking into things with my camera.

This is the name of the Market we took a couple of visits to while in Barcelona.

It’s all about the Jamon in Spain, so many different cuts and brands and I’m pretty sure we’ve tasted them all as this stuff is addicting. It’s sliced so thin and it’s so soft and moist in the olive oil.

Mmm…will have to do some importing of this stuff.

Animals before being cleaned and cut up… for sale.  :/ I had to cover my daughter’s eyes at the sight of this.  Here’s a good way to turn an American girl Vegetarian.  Those poor little bunny rabbits…..I’m always trying to feed the ones in my front yard carrots…. 😦

Salted Codd is also their thing and man is that fish so good.

Also known for their cheese, we had some incredible cheeses during our stay.


Candy Variations- all of different fruit flavors….really good.

I’m not use to seeing meat sold like this in America.   😦

Tapas Bars…Galore…

So….while roaming around Barcelona, I saw these people window shopping,  for a long time they stood there  just gazing into this window. I took a picture and decided  to go check out this window display…. 😉

oh yes….this will make any sweet tooth person stop for a moment of drool…. 😉

Those are really big cupcakes….right?  With all that whip cream.. 😉

Though we did not buy anything here…we did stop for a chocolate tasting at Vicens

We bought some Praline Marzipan 😉

Street performers…my daughter loved this…and that’s her there in awe of it.

But…the Barcelona Cops didn’t care for it…so it was over quickly.

Another interesting name for a store….my friend posing in a happy pose for this shot… 🙂

So…on with more beautiful work of art from Gaudi…

This is located in Park Guell

This is all done from Rock, it’s gorgeous.

Isn’t it just beautiful?  I love Antoni Gaudi’s perception.

This the view of that church he started working on that I covered in my previous Barcelona post, was able to see it from the top of this park off in the distance.

Goodnight Barcelona…… 😉


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