Barcelona, Spain- Part 1- Architectural work by Gaudi And Tapas 24 Restaurant

Our final destination stop in Spain was Barcelona and though it was not my favorite city due to the amount of tourists it attracted, we still had a pleasant stay in the city.   It was definitely very crowded and reminded me of New York with how the crowds all flocked to the same places.   The food as usual was incredible and I enjoyed the farmer’s market and loved seeing the works of art from Antoni Gaudi.

I know this is a bad shot, but I wanted to give you an idea how crowded this city is with tourists and locals.  The one thing I really enjoyed while roaming the city streets was all the musicians playing their instruments at every corner.

This is really impressive, the work started on this Cathedral by Paula Del Villar in 1882.   One year later, the modernist architect Antoni Gaudí took over as lead architect at the age of 31. From that moment on, Gaudí devoted most of his life to the construction of the church.  He passed away and this Cathedral is still till this day being completed and is said that it will be completed in the next 20 years.

In this picture you can see where they have added on to Gaudi’s work

Click on these pictures so you can see all the detail put into his work

Everything depicted here is from Gaudi’s sketches.

Inside this magnificent Church

The ceiling-

Zoom in on Ceiling on next picture

Spiral Staircase, stain glass window

Gaudi is known for his work of art being very deep and somewhat disturbing as in this sculptured piece that is on the outside face of this Cathedral. A Man slaying children.

One of Gaudi Sketches and the front entrance to the Church as the following sculpture to his sketch

We also visited the house Gaudi designed for himself that is just really nice- this is a picture of the outside of it

I wish my pictures came out better as there are some more amazing rooms to this place that my camera did horribly because of the lack of light

Outside way top of his house

So…..onto the food part of this trip 😉

We stopped for a bite to eat at Tapas 24 and it was simply delicious, every bite of everything was just not enough to go around that table of ours.

Eggplant cooked to perfection!

Damn this was good, I can almost taste it again… 🙂

Okay so we ordered two plates of this stuff…..there was just not enough to enjoy between the 4 of us.  Salted Chocolate sitting in EVO!  I’m so making this… 🙂  This restaurant was located in what our area would be “Rodeo Drive”- as they had the fancy Cartier and Ferrari stores just down the street from here. I got in trouble for taking a picture of this in store Ferrari model….. ;/

I’m going to finish this Barcelona trip on a 2nd post as there is so much more to cover…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. binnotes says:

    Going to Barcelona in May 2012 – can’t wait after seeing your pics. Thanks!

  2. amandakatarina says:

    Gaudi and tapas! So great!

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