Granada, Spain- The Alhambra, Tea House and Paella Cooking Lesson

We started our vacation in Madrid than to Toledo off to Seville and my favorite stop of all would be in Granada.   There is so much to love about this city and to explain it best when we arrived from our Taxi cab the guy just dropped us off at the street corner and left us there with all of our bags along the side walk.  We stood there in the dark as our friends arrived shortly after along with the apartment owner and we all walked down this cobble stone narrow alley way that twisted and turned in different directions to get to our apartment.  We sounded like a horse and carriage as we trotted along these rocky streets with our rolling wheel luggage.  The City is just amazing, the beauty of being literally away from cars, scooters or any other motorized vehicle and just people walking up and down these up hill and down hill cobble stone alley ways, it was just a place I’ve never experienced to be in before.   It was this little hidden gem of a city tucked away from the vehicle traffic we are all so use to in our every day lives.

The owner of our Apartment had asked if we would be interested in learning how to cook Paella.   I was so excited for the opportunity to learn how to cook Paella from someone that grew up on the dish and learned from many generations passed and I took many pictures to show you all my cooking lesson.

This little town is all up hill and down hill and twisty that it was like going through a maze.

This was the path to our apartment and if the owner didn’t show us the way, I’m pretty sure we never would’ve found the place. 🙂

Vendors along one of the alley streets

This was our view from our Balcony Apartment of the Alhambra sitting on top of the hill……beautiful!

This was our visit to the Alhambra.

So much engraving detail ….just flawless piece of work.

During our stay in Granada we stopped at a Tea House fully equipped with Hookah,  yummy Crêpe’s and a huge selection of Tea’s and Coffee’s 🙂

Teteria La Oriental

Crêpe with Banana’s, Chocolate and Creme  😉   Oh so good…

My Mexican Chocolate…oooooh so good.

There is so much to cover on our stay in Granada that I thought of breaking this post up in two posts but decided to make this a really long post.  I love to cook and learn new recipes so I was so excited at the opportunity to learn to make Paella but all I can offer are my pictures on the making of Paella, I can’t post any recipe out of respect to the young lady that showed us how to make it, I’m sure she would like to keep teaching how to make it without the recipe being easily obtainable online.  😉

We had this delicious meal on our apartment balcony…..beautiful day!

Topped the meal off with some Pots de Creme dessert….. 😉


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  1. simplydelish says:

    Wow, love the views and all that yummy food! The crepe especially looks amazingg

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