Seville, Spain

We took a train ride and spent one night in a really nice hotel in the city of Seville, which I thought was just beautiful.  The Hotel we stayed at had the décor of musical instruments, really nice.  The City of Seville has the nice charm of a small street, small town life away from the big cities.  The architectural beauty that surrounds each street, building and historical monument in this city along with the fact I surrounded myself by the locals is what made my stay here pleasant.


More ceiling detail

Just Stunning is this Cathedral in Seville, Spain.

Inside the Cathedral

This is said to be Christopher Columbus’s grave site inside this Cathedral

Gargoyles and Cathedrals is like something from a scary movie…. :/

Pretty sure they mean to say compliment.

Dessert…..oh what kind of joyous sweet tooth place awaits around the corner of one of these narrow small streets…. 🙂

Robles Laredo had some really tasty desserts but they’re also known for their Tapas here, we weren’t hungry for food just a sweet tooth craving we full filled delightfully here.


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