Everyone has a favorite on the TV show “Top Chef,” my favorites are Michael Voltaggio, Fabio Viviani and Richard Blais.  I just love their cooking techniques and their personalities that reflected on the show even though each of them are so different and unique in their own way and style.  So, after hearing about Michael Voltaggio’s sandwich shop “Ink.Sack” that opened on Melrose in West Hollywood I just had to check this place out.   I was so impressed, we tried 4 different sandwich’s on the menu and after the first bite of each sandwich our automatic response was…”Oh..Wow.”  So your thinking how good can a sandwich be?  Well, if you haven’t seen Michael Voltaggio’s style of creativity on Top Chef you wouldn’t understand.  He really knows how to play with flavor in his food creations.   We tried 4 different sandwich’s The Ahi Tuna with sweet pickles that I just gobbled up, Bahn Mi- with pork belly in it, loved it, Jose Andres lots of meat and spice flavors and Maple Turkey which melted in your mouth it had a nice salty sweet finish.  Topped it off with some really tasty cookies.  Just amazing….we couldn’t stop eating to say the least.  We wanted to try a variety from the menu so we shared.  I loved that the sandwich’s were on the small size, the perfect size for me, though I got stuffed trying to get a taste of 4 sandwich’s.  It was a really pleasant surprise to meet Chef Michael Voltaggio himself as I was walking around the corner looking for Ink.Sak and I ran into him and couldn’t help but to grab a shot with him.   He has another restaurant just a door down from his sandwich shop opening up this week that I’m curious about.

We actually headed out to eat at one of our Mexican food stops in the Valley and after finding out there was a wait we decided to go and check out Michael Voltaggio’s place in West Hollywood, so naturally I don’t have my nice camera on me to grab some shots for this review, every shot was done from the Iphone 4 and I didn’t grab one shot of the sandwich’s we had.

Located on Melrose in West Hollywood

Spicy Tuna

San Andres

Inside Shot-  2 bar type tables inside to Stand and Eat at, as well as outside.

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