Pumpkin Scones with Butterscotch Chips

I love Fall and I’m celebrating a week early….so bring on the Fall flavors!  I was in the mood for Pumpkin after seeing all these pumpkin recipes from all the food bloggers this week.  I came up with this recipe on my own.

1 1/4 Cup Flour (I used 1 cup Flour plus 1/4 cup of gluten Free Flour, add more if the scones seem too moist, should be a nice doughy consistency)

1 Tsp Baking Powder


1 Cup Pumpkin

1/3 Cup Heavy Cream

1 Cup Butterscotch Chips

Put all ingredients together in a bowl and mix with Rubber Spatula just until flour is combined than use your hand, add flour to keep it from being too sticky or moist, should have a nice doughy consistency.  Cut and shape them.  Brush Tops of scones with Milk and add a pinch of Cinnamon and Nutmeg mixture.  Bake at 350 degrees until slightly browned, I’d say about 20 mins.  Stick a knife through one to make sure you don’t pull back any batter. 🙂   Enjoy!  Keep in Air Tight Container- refrigerate

Yummy, these are soft and chewy in the middle~

Here are some other Pumpkin Recipes I’ve made if your looking for some Pumpkin recipe ideas…

Muffins, Pie, Loaf,  Cookies

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  1. Oh yum. What an amazing photo.

    1. Debbie says:

      Thank you, food photography is hard….I’m trying to get it right.

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