Gnocchi with Mushroom White Wine Sauce

Gnocchi is my favorite thing to eat and I’ve made Gnocchi before from scratch and it took me nearly 3-4 hours to complete but I remember it came out phenomenal, it’s listed under my favorite recipes if you’re a fan of my page on facebook.  This time around I decided to cut my cook time to 30 minutes so  I purchased my Gnocchi from Trader Joe’s and I found a great mushroom sauce recipe in my Ultimate Italian Magazine that just hit shelves this month.   I used Napa Valley’s Rutherford Chardonay also purchased from Trader Joe’s for my white wine sauce. I highly recommend you to make your own gnocchi if you never have before, the freshness of the potato dumplings is out of this world!  This packaged gnocchi stuff from Trader Joe’s was good too for a great substitute if you don’t have time to make your own.    I’m always looking for the best Italian restaurants that serve amazing gnocchi , for those of you that don’t know La Finestra in Tarzana has an amazing gnocchi dish. 🙂


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