Chorizo Sopes for Breakfast

So after having Chili Verde Sopes last night, click on link if you’d like the recipe, I woke up this morning thinking of doing a breakfast version of Sopes.  I googled it and found it has been done before but I doubt it’s been done my way.  🙂  Also check out my left over Enchilada Sopes, those are so yummy too!

So, what I did was make my own refried beans by adding some boiled beans- mash them or blend them, chopped Yellow Onion, 2 Tbls of Chipotle in Adobe Sauce to it for spicyness and about 1/4 cup of Chicken broth to give the beans lots of flavor.  Turned out great, after I added the bean mixture to the sope I topped it with some mixed eggs and mexican chorizo and topped it off with Ranchero Cheese.   Add your favorite hot sauce or pico de gallo, even avocado would taste good I bet and you got yourself a very tasty brunch, breakfast….whatever… 🙂


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