Kanda Sushi in Thousand Oaks

Kanda Sushi is pretty decent sushi for the area I live in.  The service is excellent, I love the outdoor seating as that makes taking kids easy.   The spicy tuna is not spicy at all nor do they serve it with a spicy sauce  and the Sashimi tuna was okay so I recommend to venture on with Chef  recommendations- sit at the bar.   The fish is pretty fresh and melts in your mouth like butter.  I say stick with your favorite fish pieces to really savor in the freshness of the fish and stay away from the tuna dishes that have lots going on.  Most of the items I tried I thought was delicious.

Appetizer: Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice  (very tasty, highly recommended- not spicy)

Spicy Rocky Shrimp (this had nice spiciness to it, very flavorful)

Pompano (House Favorite)  (very tasty, no soy sauce needed)

Spicy Albacore  (spicy and good)

Albacore (yummy)

Sashimi Tuna


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