Mango Kulfi Pie and Pops

I’ve made Mango Kulfi pie before but I found a better recipe for the Mango Kulfi that I like better. I like the way this tastes as a pie and it was more of an experiment than anything else and worked out to my advantage as the Cinnamon crust works out nicely with the Kulfi.  Another twist I made to the Mango Kulfi pops was at the bottom of the stick I added Greek Yogurt and 3 Tbls of Orange Flavor Honey and froze that on top of the Kulfi and wow….yummy!  You got your mango and at the end of the stick a orange flavored yogurt taste. 🙂  Delicious

You can find all kinds of great unique stuff at Sprouts Farmers Market and I’m starting to see this store pop up all over the place.

I’ve seen so many different variations of Mango Kulfi but I must say, saffron threads and Rose water really brings some flavor to this dessert, I got the idea from Sinfully Spicy  and I’m actually eager to give the entire recipe a try soon. Those photos are mouth watering, I just need to get all the ingredients!   For those of you that don’t’ know Mango Kulfi is an Indian Dessert and it is so freaking good!  At the bottom of the Kulfi stick you will see the Greek Yogurt I used with the orange honey added to it in the photo above.

Mango Kulfi as a Pie!  My own creation…. 😉  I’m thinking a layer of my greek yogurt orange honey combination just above the crust would work nicely too. 🙂

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