Blue Stove @ Thousand Oaks Mall

I love the ambiance, service and food  at The Blue Stove  located at the Thousand Oaks Mall inside of Nordstroms.  All the rave reviews on yelp is what made me want to try this place out.  It’s on the pricey side but the food is really good.  The portions sizes are said to be small and the waiter did mention it is meant to be shared with others at the table and you order several plates, but I think for lunch one plate is perfect to fill one person.

So, we ordered thinking the portions sizes was really small but we got lots of food on our table and our tummy’s really full.  For $60 bucks this is what we got…

Sweet Potato fries with pesto dipping sauce (cooked to perfection) Really tasty sauce.

Chicken Tacos (mini size) The most rave reviews on yelp was about these.  I loved the lime flavors in the dressing on this, my husband thought they were just okay.

My favorite dish is gnocchi so I had to try this dish, and I absolutely loved it!  The combination of flavors worked really good with the gnocchi and though I’ve never had gnocchi seared to a crisp like this before, it really worked out really good with the creamy buttery sauce.

My husband loved this dish, it is a braised beef and a very difficult picture to photograph…lol (it looks like mud I know, but the lighting is dim in this place and it didn’t make it any easier that the dish was really dark in color.)  Incredible flavors in this dish, highly recommended.

The Risotto with seared Scallops and green beans (so insane good!)  I think I’m remaking my Risotto dish I made last week and I’m going to sear the scallops next time as it really adds some nice flavor to the dish.

Nice bar area inside for happy hour 🙂


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