Italia Deli and Bakery in Agoura Hills

 Italia Deli and Bakery, is a favorite among us locals! I always find something new to pick up and try in here, and I’m here weekly.  I’ve tried their Ham, Turkey and Cheese on a hard roll sandwich and it is insane good.   Loved their Hot Pastrami Sandwich with mustard and pickles…mmm.  I order the small sandwich and split it with my husband because the sandwich’s are so filling, packed with meat and goodness as they do not hold back on the meat here.  The menu is huge, they carry a large variety of sandwich’s  here and the meat is so fresh you can’t even compare it to those big chain sandwich places like Togo’s or Subway.    They have a nice selection of wines and hard to find Products.   They have prepared meals and freshly made pasta and sauces you can purchase to make your own dishes at home.  The bread is baked fresh daily!  They have these quick on the go desserts that are yummy too, like a small Tiramisu cup or Cannoli’s and cheesecake too.  They also just received recognition from Channel 5 News as one of the top 10 Deli’s around.  This place really draws in the crowd come lunch time, if your looking to try it out, avoid 12-2pm rush hour lunch.  🙂  They take orders by phone and they cater as well.  Prices are incredible for what you order here, a large sandwich will run you 10 bucks and it’s bigger than your foot long at Subway and packed with fresh meat and with way better bread too!  The small sandwich is big enough for me and my husband to eat.


Half of a small size Hot Pastrami Sandwich on a Hard Roll

Salad With Cranberries, Candied Walnuts and Blue Cheese..Yum

Turkey, Ham and Cheese on a hard roll with extra dressing.  My favorite sandwich. ( Small size sandwich)

This is what I pick up on a weekly basis, Ham, prosciutto, fresh baked bread and cookies… 🙂   (so incredibly good)


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