Red Ginger

Dinner tonight was at Red Ginger, since it is fresh in my mind I’m doing this post now.  I love this place, the service is awesome, the food is tasty and this is the 2nd time going too.  The first time we went I had fantastic Thai food, this time I wanted to see what their sushi was like.  We also had the Sake Tasting and I recommend you get this if you love Sake.  My favorite of all the sushi we ordered was the Double Tuna Specialty Roll as it had a nice lime taste to it and their Red Dragon Specialty Roll was really yummy too.

They have Half off Sushi for $3.00! on the basic sushi pieces.  Check out their website  Red Ginger.  They are located in a small strip mall in Woodland Hills right off Ventura Blvd, off the Fallbrook exit from the 101fwy.

They open at 5pm on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, we beat the crowd.

Sake Tasting

Red Dragon Roll and Hamachi (Yellowtail)  Scrumptious!

Close up- Red Dragon Roll

My personal favorite “Double Tuna Specialty Roll”

Spicy Tuna with Spicy Mao sauce & Eel Avocado with eel Sauce

on the half price menu $3.00 each and .50 Cents each for the sauce.    Spicy tuna was delicious and spicy, eel was good but I prefer a big slice of eel over the rice type deal.

My daughter loved the chicken satay in her words “This is really good.”  So now I need to make this at home and once I find a recipe she likes I will post it. 🙂

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