Hunan Chili King in San Gabriel

We found this magazine that talks about the top 10 Chinese food places in Los Angeles County, and we decided to give this one a try, coming in number 2 on the list was Hunan Chili King located in San Gabriel.  Let me just say, mild is soooo hot!  Careful how you order your food here,  the place is decorated with chili peppers all over the place and with big jars of chili displayed in their display case.  I suppose the hint was there and I missed the mark. The food is good, but I can’t enjoy food that is so spicy that it takes away the taste of the other flavors. We ordered a chicken dish for my daughter that didn’t have any heat and I loved that one the most because I could taste all the flavors.   I’m not big on Chinese Food, this was more of a stop for my husband but this was good… not great and really spicy if your into that.

Chicken Dish

Fish Dish



It’s great to go with a group of people to a Chinese Restaurant as you get to try more of what they have.


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