Smoked Salmon With Poached Egg Bagel

I’m not a fan of breakfast and I skip it often.  I do love brunch and it being something as simple as a Sourdough Bagel with cream cheese and Lox.  Well, I came across some ideas in Cooking Light about how to add some more flavor to this dish.  Here’s all you do to make this dish even more yummy.  Grab some Dill and chop purple onion finely and mix it in the cream cheese, spread on your choice of bagel.   Add 2 spinach leaves or arugla, top with smoked salmon and poach an egg to top it off.  Wow…it is really filling with the egg but is oh so yummy to drag that bagel in the broken egg yolk.   Just a quick note that you can cut your calories in half if you purchase water bagels!  I think also adding to a bagel some Goat Cheese and very finely chopped strawberries would taste good too.

Poach Egg- very simple if you never tried it, just add about 4 cups of water to a pan with a tsp of white wine vinegar- bring it to a boil.  Carefully drop your egg in and let that cook for 3 mins tops, spoon it out with a slotted spoon to release the liquid and have your bagel completely ready to top it.


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