Sushi Planet

I want to get more food reviews up on this site and I’ve got some great places I plan to revisit soon just to get the review up on here.  As for Sushi Plant, great place, food and service.  I would give it a 4 star rating just because the best Sushi I’ve had  is in Hollywood and nothing has topped that place yet.  The photography is lacking quality and I know better as I took the pictures with the light against the food, I needed to be on the other side of this table.  You get the idea of what to expect here from the photographs though.  I was told also that the Westlake Sushi Planet has a bar inside and the one in Woodland Hills does not.  We didn’t know there was a Sushi Planet right up the street from us, so this one is the Woodland Hills Sushi Planet.

Called “Oh My God Roll”  🙂  was tasty.

Was spicy but didn’t have that nice orange spicy sauce that some sushi places serve with it.

Crunchy Roll with sweet sauce.  It was good but I would try something different next time just because crab meat is not one of my top picks for sushi.

Toro Roll was really good and we gobbled that up before I could get a picture of it.. 😉

If you would like to follow my food reviews on Yelp- here is where you can find me… I promise to get more photos of food reviews  up on this Food site soon.


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