Christmas Baking..

And so the Christmas Baking begins….

Sugar Cookies
recipe to follow…

Though I enjoy this Holiday very much, I think it’s unfortunate how the economy is doing and all the jobs lost this year, I just don’t feel enthusiastic about Christmas. I got a ticket a week ago, and it is true what they say about getting a ticket from a cop, bad things are to follow. Cops are like a black cat crossing your path. My husband got into an accident the next day with the other car and it will be in the shop for the rest of this and next month. Christmas can be irritating too, I can’t stand it when people tell you what they want for Christmas, I mean I understand if it’s something a group of people discuss together but when someone just announces what they want for Christmas and it be something expensive or cash, it freaking irritates me to no end. Unless you’re a child why would a freaking Adult tell you what they want for Christmas? It’s just so terribly ghetto. When people ask me what I want for Christmas you know how I respond? I say, I don’t need anything, I really don’t want anything. The offer is gracious but I rather they buy for my daughter as Christmas is for the kids anyways not us grown ups. 🙂 I didn’t learn that until I had my daughter, you become less selfish when you have kids of your own. (At least for some of us anyways). Before the baby I was all about the great deals in the mall, what was I going to buy myself. Not anymore, I have too much.


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  1. Wandering Coyote says:

    Very pretty!

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