I grew up on this one. Tostadas for those of you that don’t know it is a Mexican dish using a deep fried corn tortilla which can be purchased in the grocery store already done and you add toppings of your choice. There are so many ways to make this using pork, beef, chicken or veggie style. Here’s what I do…
I purchase a rotisserie chicken in the deli and shred it, I like to add some more flavor to it by adding 2 TB chili garlic sauce and about 4 TB of BBQ Sauce it gives it a nice sweet and spiciness and bake that up until it gets dark tips on the BBQ Sauce.
Re fry some beans (don’t buy store bought, the taste does matter if you make your own)
boil the pinto beans for a couple of hours or until soft than heat some EVO in a pan and add the boiled beans using a spoon that will release the liquid from the boiled beans. Add very little of that liquid. Fry and mash, toss in about 1/4 cup of salsa and cilantro if it is not in your salsa already and you have some tasty re fried beans. After that’s done you spread the beans on the Tostada than add some shredded chicken, lettuce, radish, some Cotija cheese and top with salsa. Quick and easy if you already have beans made from another dish and you want to finish off your left over beans the next day.


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