Apple Pie


So, after watching the return of Pushing Daisies I was itching to make a pie. I went with the classic Apple Pie, using the double crest dough version from Dorie Greenspan’s “Baking From My Home To Yours, ” and decided to use the apple pie filling from All Recipes since I didn’t have any Tapioca that was called for in Dorie’s version. Though I thought of this apple pie adventure to be a disaster, with leaky pie crust all over my burning stove, I did use the incorrect pie pan but I knew this going into it. The sappy dough turned into a soup, but I didn’t give up there. I decided to just add the apple pie mixture to the dough and see what comes of it. As I let it cook for longer than I was suppose to, and when I pulled it out of the oven I was unsure if this one will survive, I tasted it and was “eh” about it. I considered just tossing it out at one point but through it in the refrigerator anyways. The next day, I really wanted a slice, so I took a peak at it, cut a slice, tossed it in the microwave and gave it a second chance and was so glad that I did. It came out so damn good! The crust was a bit buttery and flaky which turned out really good. I also added the sauce mixture to the apples instead of topping the crust with it as instructed in the recipe but after reading the reviews lots of people did the same thing. It just made sense to do it that way. So, goes to show, even if it looks like a disaster doesn’t mean it will taste like one. 😉

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