Apron Or Not….That is the question.


Anyone can cook or bake, but if it’s not a passion than the ideas to go further into exploring flavors and creations will reach a limitation point. I don’t think it is hard to cook or bake but you definitely need a passion in order for it to be diverse and limitless. I personally love to bake more than cook because I can be more creative with baking. Cooking takes more patience, more guidelines to staying healthy and research about what’s good and what’s not for your body. It takes an understanding of flavors and knowing what works with your taste buds. You know what you like and just because you pick up a cook book everyone is raving about doesn’t mean it will fit what you like. Baking is pretty simple, if you love the taste of something sweet you will love to bake anything. Cooking food on the other hand has everything to do with what spices and condiments you like in your food. Anyhow, the cookie pictured above is Dulce De Leche with Dulce De Leche caramelized filling, this is an old picture, I haven’t made these in a long time.

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